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Korean Traditional Folksongs


  • This website is for listening Korean traditional folksongs collected by MBC Radio during 1989~1995 in South Korea.
  • You can browse and listen 250 folksongs listed in the CDs <Selection of Korean Folksongs>(12CDs, year 2000).
  • You can also search any words related to the songs. Use search box at the upper right corner.

Listening Folksongs

Browse CDs: by listing titles of the discs
Browse Regions: by arranging the songs according to the nine different regions of Korea
Browse Genres: by searching through types and styles of folksongs

Published Materials


About The Copyright

  • To use sound materials listed in this website, consult with MBC business part.
  • The conditions for using the contents will be varied by who and for what will the materials be used, and using the materials without approval is illegal.
  • Contact: MBC, Division of Archive Business. 02-789-1327 Yoon, Ji-Yeong / E-mail:

* Web Manager: 최상일(Choi, Sang-il), Producer, MBC / Email:

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